spa experience

In Marbella, we will make you feel right at home. From a nice cup of tea, soft relaxing music,

to leaving with a smile in your face. That is our commitment.

-En Marbella, te sentirás en su casa. Desde una tasa de té, una música relajante, hasta dejarte con una sonrisa al salir. Ese es nuestro compromiso-

relaxation waiting room

While you wait, we will make sure you are attended with excellence

-Mientras esperas, nos aseguramos que este bien atendido-

Body contour room

The Place where changes happen.

- El lugar donde cambios ocurren -

Be Marbella Space

Where our facials go to another level.

-Donde nuestros faciales van a otro nivel-

The facial therapy  

Marbella has numerous services in store. From Teeth whitening, to body shaping, and more. Please visit our location in our contact tab. 
8809 Commodity Circle Suite 1B
Orlando, Florida​
T. 321.234.011
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